console gamesVideo games offers us a means of communication. Most of the games have a storyline or a challenge that engages a gamer’s mind and emotions. This keeps the gamer coming and holds one’s attention. Either way, gaming is a way of life. Since the first “Computer Space” in 1971 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, video games have been modernized to resonate with our life activities and embrace the intelligence which is our human nature. Among these, we have sandbox games which enable us to use our intelligence to overcome challenges and and achieve set objectives.

                            “The Addiction that is the Game”

Betty Betty
Hi there.

Gretchen Gretchen
Hello Betty.

Megan Megan
Betty, let’s play.

Betty Betty
Sorry, I don’t play hide and seek

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The site is now under construction and will be relaunched soon to with the aim of helping visitors know the best ways of achieving different objectives in open world games as well as recommend some of the best games. You will also find info relating to games which are soon to be released as well as offer downloads and other resources to help you get started with popular sandbox games. Be sure to visit different categories and sections to learn more. Welcome

Tanya Tanya
I miss my console.

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That’s too unfortunate for you. You lost a friend?

Tanya Tanya
Tyler you’re ridiculous. I meant a game console.

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Is that a new rule to be used in games? Which game anyway?

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You really need to visit some categories in this site and learn more about video games.

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At this age and time, I still don’t believe that morons exist.

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Betty, nobody know all.


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Is Imagination a Problem to Sandbox Gamers?

saintConcept of Creativity to Explore the World

In sandbox games, it is essential to have the necessary resources, crafts and tools to enable you to achieve the best and accomplish your objectives.
At times, you may set your objectives too high but fail to meet them. If all the tools and resources have been provided for you, then you need to maximize your game strategies by thinking creatively. That way you will be at a good, position to explore the world, which has been designed.
The developer may have limited the reso


urces and tools available making it impossible to attain your objectives. The developer will certainly not allow you to incorporate everything that you have imagined, into the game, there must be some boundaries. You will meet some set rules, which apply in some instances. That does not mean or give you room to limit your creativity. Actually, you have been given the freedom so that you can use your brains.
How to increase your creativity and imagination.
Challenge yourself
You first need to challenge yourself into thinking what best you can achieve with the resources. Why did the developer make certain resources available? How could I put them in


to use? Think creatively about how certain resources can into used in a real life situation. You may get a paper and a pen to write down five to ten ideas or insights you think the developer had in mind.
What ideas do you write down?
You need to keep focus on the resources and tools provided and brainstorm for ideas breaking them down into achievable goals.
Make no Assumptions.
If you assume any resources or tools, you are simply limiting your capability to achieve your objectives. The resources or tools provided are there to be used and you need to creatively us them in any instance or challenge which prevails. You meet an alien, you can shoot them with a gun or if you are not creative, you can as well as run. The most important feature is that you need to learn that the developer created resources to help you get out of any situation. Everything was factored to help you succeed. Do not assume that there is no solution to a problem.
Observe Time.
Creative minds factor in the aspect of time in relation to accomplishing the set goals and objectives. There are situations that you need to act swiftly if you are going to help yourself. So timing is vital and paramount for success. Tricky situations need faster brainstorming and action.
Learn from Others.
Thplaying vge best way to learn and sharpen your imagination is to observe others. However, a twist here is to use their work as a stepping-stone and create something bigger and better. Hangout in forums and other places where gamers meet and try to interact with them. Learn the challenges they met and listen to the solutions provide and think of a unique way that you could approach a similar situation. That way you will be miles ahead of them.
O f course, practice makes perfect. Be a game addict. I am not telling you top abscond schoolwork or other responsibilities, but practicing on a regular basis yields to mastery and triggers imagination.

Best Sandbox Games

Best sandbox games

playing vg sandboxAs kids, we lived a world which we could manipulate. We would create anything which brought happiness to us or that we wanted. What a wonderful world that is. The concept of a sandbox which kids use to play and mould whatever makes them happy has been adapted greatly to what are now sandbox video games. Sandbox games have increasingly become popular because of the need to incorporate, gamers’ ideas, creativity and innovation.
There are many sandbox games but the best are characterized by the ability of the game to give you the needed resources as well as the ability to use the resources creatively in an open game. The amount of freedom is necessary to determine the extend that a gamer can manipulate an thus [benefit from gaming.
Here are some of the best sandbox games.

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games. It has sold over 8 million copies and still more copies are being purchased. In Minecraft, you construct buildings in a randomly generated world made of cubes. You are supposed to gather the necessary resources and crafts use them to explore and combat alien creatures to survive.
You are free to do anything. This means that through out the game, there is no set objective for you to accomplish, instead you set your own objectives. You use your intellect and creativity to explore and survive. If you limit your imagination, there are chances that you will not be able to fully exploit the open world in Minecraft.

On the first day, you work for a few minutes before night falls and enemies attack. What you do in the first five minutes of gameplay will determine how well you’ll be able to survive. Minecraft has no limit to your imagination; you can build your own house out of whatever material you wish. You can make weapons and armor to help protect yourself from mobs. You can make contraptions with the form of electricity known as redstone to kill other players in multi-player to an automated farm.

Saint’s Row: The Third

saintThe first two series give you the ability and freedom to run around naked killing opponents with a cannon. The world is composed of a large city with many different missions. You may choose to don different clothes if you choose from such as a baby shark hat making you kind of alien as you go through your mission
The third series sums all the pleasure and freedom of a sandbox game. You complete your mission dressed like a clown, making it not only comical but the mission becomes completely absurd.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA)

gtaIt’s one of the most popular sandbox games. It is an action adventure where a gamer controls three criminals who go committing crimes and heists while under pressure from a government agency. They roam all places in the world which is a setting of San Andreas. The story is centered on the heist sequences, and many of the missions involve shooting and driving gameplay. The criminal activities may incite a response from law enforcement agencies, measured by a “wanted” system that governs the aggression of their response. This is a must play addictive game.

Fable II
fable11Choose what you need to use or do, from magic or pistols, swords or hammers, skills or strength, male or female, good or evil, but the bottom-line you will need to exert revenge on your enemies.
The world is composed of cities to explore and a host of hidden feathers and glyphs to find, this new world can be challenging to survive. As you advance, the new challenges are met that will constantly throw new things at you.
The player’s companion is a dog which the player befriends as a child. This dog follows the player throughout the game. The dog can learn tricks, fight enemies and find treasure, and lead the way to quest objectives although the player is required to do so most of the time. It can also aid in combat situations by attacking downed enemies. The dog cannot be killed, but can become injured and ineffective, requiring healing by the player.

Benefits of Sandbox Games

Why Sandbox Games are Popular.

playing vgWhy would you miss a class just to complete a difficult level of a video game? Of  course school work is boring and given a choice not many would embrace the idea of schooling. But the video game session could have been enjoyed after school time. It wasn’t that important that it couldn’t wait.

They may not be all that important or scheduled like a doctor’s appointment may be, but sandbox games are completely a must-do activity and a person may be so consumed or addicted to them.

There are different reasons that influences a person to stick to a video game console. below are the most common

Saving the world
manipulationYour brain contains mirror neurons which places you on someone else shoes’ and thus lets you experience the emotions and undergo the pain and tribulations that the hero you are controlling on a video game experiences.
When you play video games, you experience the desire to conquer and become victorious; the strong will to overcome challenges and obstacles; the self-drive and motivation to accomplish a mission and also the overwhelming urge to successfully complete a certain level and advance to the next.
Typically, you experience the exact feelings and emotions experienced by your hero whom you are controlling. Therefore if the mission is successfully accomplished, you also win.

Self esteem

Sandbox games are great in boosting a player’s self esteem.
When you intelligently and creatively come up with a unique game play or design a creative plan which helps you utilize the resources and crafts optimally thus enabling you to exploit the virtual world in a manner which lets you accomplish your objectives as well as solve any puzzle, you feel so great. The more you accomplish the greater the feeling among friends or playmates. This means that your self-esteem is also raised.

stressIn life there are many factors which strain you both mentally and physically and at the end you get stressed up. The best way of relieving such stress is by getting lost in another world so that you can escape the real world which is too demanding and stressing for you.
Sandbox games come in handy here. The games enable you to live in another virtual world where you are free to roam and set objectives and seek to achieve them. This distracts you from your stressors and you end up forgetting what’s happening in the real world and instead concentrate in accomplishing the objectives you set in the virtual world.

Fun and Pleasure
funWhen you endeavor to accomplish a set of objectives and put your/efforts, both mental and physical, towards such accomplishment, you experience a feeling of overwhelming excitement. The more you try and work, the better it gets. The excitement occurs as a result of the production of a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is produced by the brain and is responsible for excitement. As you get addicted to the game, more of this chemical is produced and the better you feel.

kiddoAt times you may turn to video games if you are afraid to face the world. You do so because sandbox games offer a more comforting hiding place. For instance, if you can’t are poor at baseball and your friends are going for baseball training, you may feel the urge to compensate the gap by escaping the real fact that you can’t play baseball.
Also if you have messed around and you are unable to clean up your mess, you may feel that escaping such reality is best gained through an open world game.

Sandbox Games

Introduction to Sandbox Games.

minecraftMinecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games. It has sold over 8 million copies and still more copies are being purchased. In Minecraft, you construct buildings in a randomly generated world made of cubes. You are supposed to gather the necessary resources and crafts use them to explore and combat alien creatures to survive.
You are free to do anything. This means that through out the game, there is no set objective for you to accomplish, instead you set your own objectives. You use your intellect and creativity to explore and survive. If you limit your imagination, there are chances that you will not be able to fully exploit the open world in Minecraft.
This gives us a basic understanding of what sandbox games are.

This can be explained by the concept of a child playing in a sandbox. The child has all the toys, crafts and tools available in the sandbox for playing. Therefore child does not need to come out of the sandbox to get anything needed to play.

What is a sandbox game?
open area Typically, a sandbox game, which is also commonly referred to as an open world game, is a type of video game with an open gameplay structure which is designed to allow a player to roam through the virtual world and is given considerable freedom to choose participate in the game story at his/her own pace. The player is given the freedom to choose his/her objectives and also choose the time that he/she feels is appropriate to approach such objectives.
There are no barriers for the player, but some restrictions may be imposed in the game environment e.g. a game may be locked at a certain level and only unlocked when you finish and win a preceding level.
Some of the most popular sandbox games include Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), Assassin’s Creed and Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Elements of a Sandbox Game.

Open World
open worldAn important feature is the gameplay which is all designed in an open world which is a vast area through which a player can accomplish certain objectives. The player can explore as many objectives as possible for survival. The open world setting may mimic the real world, thus making the players’ imagination broad as one thinks of the best strategy to ensure survival. The open world structure could be a city or open geographical structure where you can roam with little or no restriction. E.g. Need for Speed: Most Wanted enables the player to race through any street of a city he/she chooses.
Content Manipulation
manipulationThis is an important element which characterizes a sandbox game. The design of a sandbox game enables a player to do what ever he/she want to do when they feel like i.e. he/she may set own objectives and decide the best time to accomplish them.

The player has resources needed to modify the world or the game and create how he/she wants play.