consolegamesVideo games offers us a means of communication. Most of the games have a storyline or a challenge that engages a gamer’s mind and emotions. This keeps the gamer coming and holds one’s attention. Either way, gaming is a way of life. Since the first “Computer Space” in 1971 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, video games have been modernized to resonate with our life activities and embrace the intelligence which is our human nature. Among these, we have sandbox games which enable us to use our intelligence to overcome challenges and and achieve set objectives.

                            “The Addiction that is the Game”

Betty Betty
Hi there.

Gretchen Gretchen
Hello Betty.

Megan Megan
Betty, let’s play.

Betty Betty
Sorry, I don’t play hide and seek

This site was initially established in mid 2006 and operated through to early 2007 and and enabled visitors to access Gravity which is a software created to help people manage their actions lists based on the principles of David Allan’s book “Getting Things Done”.

aaronvegh_headshot Aaron Veigh, was the creator of Gravity.
The site is now under construction and will be relaunched soon to with the aim of helping visitors know the best ways of achieving different objectives in open world games as well as recommend some of the best games. You will also find info relating to games which are soon to be released as well as offer downloads and other resources to help you get started with popular sandbox games. Be sure to visit different categories and sections to learn more. Welcome

Tanya Tanya
I miss my console.

Tyler Tyler
That’s too unfortunate for you. You lost a friend?

Tanya Tanya
Tyler you’re ridiculous. I meant a game console.

Jessica Jessica
Is that a new rule to be used in games? Which game anyway?

Tanya Tanya
You really need to visit some categories in this site and learn more about video games.

Betty Betty
At this age and time, I still don’t believe that morons exist.

Jessica Jessica
Betty, nobody know all.